Lots of Papers? That’s a Stack.

Got a series of articles, some coursework, or an entire online class to do? With stacks, you can have a batch of separate assignments completed with one order, by a single expert.

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Tell us what you’re looking for, and your personal manager will handle the details.

Add details and files
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Details and files
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Describe your project and share anything you think may be helpful:
· the task - instructions, photos, grading rubric, etc.
· information from your professor - examples, email screenshots, syllabus, etc.
· account credentials - link to your assignment tracking system, login and password (if needed)
· helpful stuff - books, articles, links, etc.

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It’s like magic. Kind of.

What if your deadlines took care of themselves?

Clear your to-do list like that.

No need to fill the order form a dozen times. No need to remember your hand-in dates.
Say it once. And that is enough.

Feel what “personal” truly means.

You get one expert for a unified approach and a singular style. And one support manager to keep track of everything.

Pay as you go;
stop when you want.

Pay in small bits or big chunks: it’s up to you. And if anything changes, you can update or end your stack anytime.

How it works

One order. One manager.
One expert.

Set your task.

Share what you need - in whatever way, shape or form you want: from whiteboard photographs to Blackboard account info.

Get a personal manager, and a personal expert.

Your personal manager will sort through all of your assignments and make a schedule. Then, with your approval, a single expert will handle the entire stack.

Watch the magic happen.

Lay back or watch over any stage: you’re the boss.
Get updates from your manager, message your expert, and see every piece move like clockwork to fit you.

Get it all in one go.

Spoiler: you’ll love it.