Terms and conditions

By accessing the BBQPapers website, all users agree to fully abide by the terms and conditions laid out in this document.

The terms “user,” “client,” “customer,” and “you” are all used interchangeably in this document. The terms “BBQPapers,” “the company,” and “we” are also used interchangibly in this document.

Clients acknowledge that services are to be used as study or reference materials. The use of any orders for purposes that violate any college, university, or other institution’s academic or other policies is not condoned by BBQPapers. Clients agree to hold BBQPapers harmless for any and all harms that arise from any use of such services for non-intended purposes.

Any and all materials that cannot easily be accessed publicly must be provided to the company promptly upon placing an order. Excessive delays in providing such materials may result in the company taking any action it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, including using supplementary or alternate materials in place of the unavailable materials.

Except when arranged otherwise in advance, all orders are delivered to clients electronically by email.

All sales are final. Refunds are unavailable and cannot be provided in part or in full. All services are custom and as such cannot be refunded or resold to other clients.

Resolution of any concerns regarding orders is available exclusively through the editing policies and support laid out above. Opting to decline use of the editing support offered, including because of an inability to provide a period of time deemed suitable by the company for edits to be completed, does not change the policy on refunds.

Any attempt to circumvent the BBQPapers refund policies is an act of fraud. Any individual who deliberately circumvents or attempts to circumvent this policy is guilty of a crime and may be subject to fines, legal fees, arrest, and/or confinement in prison.

Additionally, credit card chargebacks automatically initiate collections activity. Such collections activity may include, but is not limited to, contacting clients at home, the workplace, and/or any other organization that the BBQPapers team can contact to leave a message and/or gather additional information.

All orders completed are the intellectual property of BBQPapers. Writers and other contractors transfer all rights to such work to BBQPapers. Clients are granted a non-exclusive license to use such orders.

All content on the BBQPapers website is the sole intellectual property of BBQPapers.com. Using any of this content for personal or for-profit use without the prior written consent of the company is a violation of intellectual property law and may result in any legal action deemed necessary or appropriate by the company.

Arbitration. Clients waive all right to pursuit of claims on a class-action basis. Any dispute between clients and the company are on an individual basis and cannot be arbitrated on a class-action basis.

Hold Harmless. All clients agree that they shall not hold BBQPapers, its staff, its affiliates, its partners, and/or its other associates liable for any harms that may arise from use of BBQPapers’ services. Clients shall under no circumstance attempt to hold any such parties liable for any such claims, fees, lawsuits, or other harms.

Liability Disclaimer. The BBQPapers team provides no guarantee that its websites or services will meet any specific guidelines or standards. No party will make any attempt to hold BBQPapers or any of its affiliates liable for any damages or fees associated with website downtime, technical issues, and other such issues.

Warranty Disclaimer. No warranties are offered for any services provided by the BBQPapers team. Every client is responsible for examining his or her order or orders to ensure completeness and usefulness of information for his or her purposes.

All prices listed on BBQPapers.com are estimates that may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis as deemed necessary or appropriate by the company.

Clients acknowledge that delays in submitting payment for orders may result in any action that the company deems necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to: adjustments to deadlines, additional fees being charged, and/or cancellation of orders placed.

Free adjustments to orders are available to clients in the case that the order received requires changes to meet the guidelines specified in an order’s original instructions. Such adjustments can be requested by emailing team@bbqpapers.com or otherwise contacting the BBQPapers support team.

The time frame for delivery of all free adjustments shall be subject to approval by the company at its sole discretion. All requests for free edits must provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. Any requests for adjustments with under 24 hours notice are billed at standard rates.

Requests for adjustments that are outside of the scope of an order’s original instructions may result in additional fees being charged at the sole discretion of BBQPapers.

For an order to qualify for free adjustments, the requests for changes must be placed within five (5) days (120 hours) of the order’s originally requested deadline. All requests that are placed more than five days after the order’s originally requested deadline shall be billed at standard rates.

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